Challenge #253 - New Tangle: Molygon

Molygon, Tripoli, Mooka, Shattuck with ribbons
and Baublz in the Renaissance Tile fashion
This weeks Diva's Challenge #253 asks us to use the new tangle Molygon. This tangle was introduced last week in the Zentangle newsletter, sign up here.

This tangle is a wonderful addition to Zentangle . It does have so much variety and works well on it's own or nestled in other tangles. It works much like Tripoli with the spacing and ability to grow and morph.

There is a lot going on with my tile for this week's challenge. I really wanted to work on a renaissance color tile version for my attempt this week. I love the qualities sepia pens, white pencil, and white gel pens lend to the Renaissance tile coloration. I think I brought everything AND the kitchen sink to this one. Got a little carried a way with my patterning but I am okay with the final results.

The two striped Mollygon's in the center took on a caterpillar feel to me, so, of course, I added some antenni. Maybe these are Bijou's cousins, no?

I was trying to connect and pull the interior tangles through this piece, connectivity was my goal. I incorporated so much movement that I think it is distracting but it was fun to play with this new addition to the tangle family. I also wanted to work with the reflective quality the Renaissance tile allows with the white highlights

Molygon, Purk beads, Mooka tendrils,
Crescent Moon, Tipple, and Stripings

I did play with Mollygon last week so I'm reposting that version. I took my leads on this black and white version from the variations shown in the current Zentangle newsletter.

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Challenge #252 - String Theory: Tangle within a tangle

Zenplosion Folds String with Hollibaugh, Morse,
and some fun textures
I meant to get this posted last evening but fell asleep. For this week's challenge I chose to use my tangle, Zenplosion Folds, as the string. I wanted to honor my tangle and not let it get lost in the filler tangles. Shading and texture allowed me to do that. Hollibaugh is one of my go to, mac-and-cheese tangles. I find it so versitile. Adding Margaret Bremmer's Morse to the mix added another dimension. I tried to connect, the ribbons but offset them enough to show the different levels. I added some Shattuck, and fun little dalmation dots to draw the eye through the folds. I really enjoyed this challenge, thanks again Diva for making us think/create outside the box.
Mollygon - The newest tangle from Zentangle

I also played with the new tangle pattern from Rick and Maria's Zentangle Newsletter. Mollygon is a fun new tangle that lends itself to so many variations and tangleations.

This new tangle would have been a great string choice for this challenge but I wanted to emulate all the beautiful variations and examples shown by this month's Zentangle Newsletter. It's a keeper Molly!

Anyone can sign up for the newsletter, check it out. Each newsletter is full of all the best and current Zentangle news and so much fun stuff!

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My original Zenplosion Folds string

Challenge #251 - Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day

Moebius Logo surrounded by Tripoli and Tipple accents
This week's challenge brings attention to Moebius Awareness Day, which is Sunday, January 23. It's a challenge that Laura Harms posts yearly. For those of you have not heard of Moebius Syndrome, Laura describes it as a congenital nerve disorder affecting cranial VI and VII nerves controlling the lateral movement of her son, Artoo's face. Her Challenges and wonderful blog raise awareness of this Syndrome. It has been an honor to share and learn more about their family, and Laura's willingness to share Artoo's progress and growth with us.

The Moebius logo seemed to call for the use of a triangular tangle pattern to accent this symbol. Tripoli seems to let the symbol nestle in beautifully.

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Challenge #250 - Bringing it Back to the Old School

Zentangle Original tangles: Printemps, Keeko, Knightsbridge,
Tipple (caviar), Crescent Moon, Poke Leaf and some fun variations

This weeks Diva Challenge #250 is to go back to basics or "Bringing it Back to the Old School". This week challenge is to create a piece on a WHITE 3.5" square tile, with a Black pen and pencil for shading.
  • Take the time to slow down and enjoy the process 
  • Enjoy the feel of the pen on the paper
  • Create a string,
  • Use 4 or 5 tangles you really enjoy
  • Don't worry about the composition or the outcome
  •  Just put your pen to paper and begin and enjoy the process.  after all.  It's ABOUT the process.  Not the product. (Great words Laura!)
That's what I did. Laura is right, we can get so caught up in the newest tangle or techniques, that we get away from the basic process that drew us into the Zentangle community. I am a CZT and love teaching the Zentangle process to others. It also keeps my Zentangle senses honed. Each time I teach a Basics class I get to relive the process and the pure joy of Old School Zentangle Original tangles. It's a wonderful gift.

Simple loop string with
come deviation
I'm teaching a Basics Class on the 26th so having the opportunity to create a sample piece to share with this upcoming class is perfect!

Remember to Relax, Smile, and Breathe! Love it.

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Challenge #248 - Give the Gift of Zentangle

Christmas Card Design
Zenplosion Folds, some Printemps. a little Betweed star action,
Auras, and Tipples

Challenge #245 - Back to Basics

Hollibaugh is one of the foundations of tangling.  It is literally the first tangle I teach when I am sharing Zentangle with someone new because it uses the drawing behind method that so many other tangles use as well.

You can see step outs of Hollibaugh here

This tangle, in particular, really lends to that complex look that tangling can have, but in reality it is really quite simple.

This week's challenge is to use one of the foundation tangles, Hollibaugh. It's a great basic tangle that enhances and adds a wonderful addition to any Zentangle. I use it often and choose to go the organic curvy, durvy route with this tangle. I love to enhance it with Mooka like appendages and varied sizes when creating this particular tangle.

Challenge #244 - Tripoli Triptastic

Tripoli, Tipple, Munchin, Floatfest, Leaves, Zinger,
using an "L" string
This weeks Diva Challenge revisits the tangle Tripoli. This tangle is close to my heart since it was the tangle introduced during my CZT training in May 2011. It was wonderful experiencing this tangle through Maria and Rick's eyes.

I chose to use my sepia micron to develop this ZIA. I then added touches of what I thought was black and realized half way through that I had grabbed my purple micron. No mistakes in the Zentangle process so I embraced the purple. I went the organic loosey-goosey route with Tripoli. I let it morph and grow not allowing it to take itself too seriously.

I chose to use the "L" as my original string since one of my oldest friends Liz has a big birthday coming up this week. I've known Liz since I was 12 year's old. We met at Clear Lake Camp in Chelsea, Michigan. We've been friends ever since! Happy Birthday Liz!